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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Getting my daughter involved

I decided it was time to get the kids involved, so I bought a suit for them, and took Hailey out for her first hive examination. So as not to be overwhelming, I only lifted out a single frame, but she got to see all the bees working on the frame, and a few dipping … Continue reading »

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A robbery or an orientation flight?

I took at a look at the hive at about 2pm today, and found a ton of bees buzzing around the entrance. Considering I rarely see more than 3 on the landing at one time, this looked more like a robbery in progress. But since I didn’t see a single dead bee after it had … Continue reading »

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Disappearing ants

I had what I believe were sugar ants, the same ones that I have seen in my kitchen, on the hive legs and even going in and out of the hive entrance. I saw this for two days, but as of day three they are gone. Very strange as I did nothing. Maybe the bees … Continue reading »

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Devouring syrup

I had removed the syrup feeder a few days ago as they just weren’t drinking it. I replaced it today, just in case the last batch had gone bad, and they drained half of it today. Clearly this batch was much more interesting. I’ve also noticed some sugar ants have been climbing up the side … Continue reading »

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What to look for in a frame

Now that I am getting more acquainted with what should be on a frame in a hive, let me share the basics. The area outlined in green is the brood – the babies. In this picture it’s a burnt-organge color, and it’s “capped” or sealed. When the larvae emerge, they will poke their way though … Continue reading »

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My first full hive inspection

Today was a milestone, as I did my first inspection of the hive; well of any hive that is. While I’ve seen it done before, there’s a big difference in doing it, and truth be told, I was pretty nervous. I had no idea what I would see other than a lot of bees in … Continue reading »

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Experiencing gentle bees

I have always heard that bees are gentle. Well, not in the same way a dog is when they are curled up in your lap, but in the way that a honey bee just doesn’t care that you’re around. Note the “honey”┬ámodifier – other kinds of bees are not so kind. Honey bees are too … Continue reading »

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Partial hive inspection

I removed the inner cover, exposing the frames today. The bees were not amused, and I had a few moments where I had to remind myself that I was safe in my suit. I used my hive tool and moved a few frames a bit so I could see inside them better, but didn’t remove … Continue reading »

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NYC Housing shortages

There’s an article in the New York TImes today about the increase in swarms in NYC. Looks like they are attributing it to a warm winter that caused colony build-ups (this is a good thing – right?), and then first time beekeepers that don’t give the proper room in the hive for their bees to … Continue reading »

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Still not taking much syrup

We’ve been having fairly sunny days (each of my posts now has local weather conditions listed at the time of the post), and the bees haven’t been taking much syrup. If this is because they don’t need it, and they are just self-regulating, this is a perfect world. I hope this is the case, as … Continue reading »

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