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Monthly Archives: August 2012

5th Inspection

I ventured inside the hive today, and was in for a minor disappointment. While the hive itself is rockin’ with the original brood box chock-full-o’-bees/honey/brood, the lower medium super has barely any comb drawn out – perhaps only 1/8 of a single frame after two weeks. So as we are about to enter the Fall, … Continue reading »

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Barnstable County Beekeepers Association

Did you know the BCBA has a Google Group? If you raise bees in Barnstable Country, please join us at the address below. While you don’t need to be a member to join this group, I’d highly encourage you to do so. The group is just starting, but we hope to make a meeting place … Continue reading »

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Flip flop

A few days ago, I wrote about crazy comb, my name for burr or wild comb. I’d found it on my fourth hive inspection in the new medium super I had put on top of their brood box. While trilled that they were building new comb, I was confused as to how to understand this … Continue reading »

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Once stung, twice shy

Well, according to beek right-of-passage, I became a full-fledged beek today – I was stung. Like so many had warned me before, it’s when you get sloppy that it happens. When you don’t do what you know you should. When you cut corners. So there I was, in my polo shirt, bathing suit and flip-flops, … Continue reading »

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4th inspection reveals new crazy comb

I set out to do the 4th hive inspection today accompanied by my dear friend Christopher, after too much rum from the night before. Since it was his wife was the one who got me interested in this unusual hobby, I thought it was only fitting to drag him along, for his photographic skills if … Continue reading »

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