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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Beekeeping laws

Where I have my bees, there are no strict laws about beekeeping. It’s more of a suburban/beach environment than anything else, so it would be pretty rare that my bees could irritate anyone who wasn’t walking on my property. This isn’t by accident – I’ve carefully placed my hive so as to have as little … Continue reading »

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Sitting in their food

When I was 14, I entered into a pizza eating contest. The local pizza join promised a hundred dollars and a free pizza if you could eat one of theirs in one sitting. Being a Sicilian pizza, it took up the entire top of the tiny table I was sitting at. At one point, with … Continue reading »

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Mixing up some unheated candy

I’m certainly not a cook, and I barely dabble in baking, but today I made the ladies a pie. Not your traditional human pie of course, but a mixture of: * 9 pounds of sugar (a 4 lb and a 5 lb bag) * 2 cups of water * 1 cup of MegaBee protein supplement … Continue reading »

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The Fall is upon us

One of the things being a beekeepers changes in you is having an acute sense of the weather and seasons. I suppose a gardener or farmer has this as well, but if it’s cold, and the environment isn’t right, my “livestock” will die. All at once. Nadda. It’s getting into the 50’s at night, and … Continue reading »

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My first attempt at making candy

Bee candy that is… The process, which seems easy, is trickier than it looks. Get a whole lot of sugar, a little water and slowly heat over a stove. Bring it to about 234F, and pour it into a mold. Let it cool in the mold to room temperature, and pull it out of the mold. … Continue reading »

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The bees don’t know it’s September

Although the summer is officially over, the bees are very active, possibly more active around the entrance than I have ever seen them. This is good, as the last few days have had bad flying weather, and their foraging has fallen off because of it.  I’ve decided to inspect them as little as possible from … Continue reading »

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