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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Wax on…

I opened up the hive for a very quick, non-invasive look today, and was delighted with what I found. While there were no signs of new comb in the medium box with no foundation (it’s too soon), the three frames of wax-foundation in the original bottom brood box had cross-connected and regular comb on it … Continue reading »

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3rd hive inspection

As I did the inspection this afternoon, I came away both thrilled and disappointed. Thrilled that the hive is doing well as tt seems to have doubled in size again, and every frame was teaming with bees on both sides. Ever single inch of those frame was full of comb, and full of bees. That … Continue reading »

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Rose of Sharron is in bloom

The tree is in full bloom, about two weeks ahead of its normal schedule, and the bees are going nuts on it. During the day the entire tree actually buzzes with such intensity that you can’t tell what part of the tree is making the noise. On closer examination, you realize it’s not a single … Continue reading »

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Finally switched to half gallon feeding jars

I finally bought half gallon mason jars for feeding the bees. These size jars can be harder than you think to find, so I was luck to find them at all, and on sale to boot. The six-pack should last me a good long time as they don’t break easily. They are the “wide-mouth” variety, … Continue reading »

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Four cups in a quart, and it’s not enough

I finally found the exact size of the 1:1 syrup jar I have been feeding my bees. While the formula at 1:1 matters, the size of the jar doesn’t, except that I need to change it out more often. The old mason jar I have been using is 4 cups filled almost to the top, … Continue reading »

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More syrup added

If they don’t like my water, they certainly like my syrup. Or perhaps I should say they are fickle about it. Some days they don’t touch it, and other days they can drink half a quart of 1:1 in a day. I’m not sure what causes them to binge on it, but we are so … Continue reading »

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Water, water everywhere…

But my bees aren’t drinking it. I’ve tried putting shallow water with 1/4″ rocks in it, and the bees aren’t taking it; no matter where I put it. I’ve tried within 10 feet of the hive, and more than 10 feet. I’ve tried in their flight path, and outside their flight path. I’ve tried fresh water … Continue reading »

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Movin’ on up

Today I added a Super to make room for growth. While the typical swarming season is behind us, the ladies seem very busy, and almost out of the room. There are still three frames of wax foundation in their original hive that they have not expanded horizontally into, but I’ve read bees like to go … Continue reading »

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Second hive inspection

My second full inspection went well, and it’s clear the ladies have been busy. Every frame I examined had more of what it was supposed to have, and seemed pretty full at that. Clearly I have a healthy, laying queen, and all is well in the hive, even though the bees still had not taken … Continue reading »

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A few good days for bees

The weather has been warm, but with sunny days, and has have kept the ladies happy and busy. I’ll do a hive inspection in a few days, so I’m trying to leave them alone so they can be as efficient as possible. They are still taking syrup, but only a quart every week or so, … Continue reading »

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