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Last Hive Standing

Posted by on February 7, 2015

Inspection Feb, 7, 2015And doing amazingly well. I checked on the hive I combined from two into one last fall, and after the multiple storms we’ve had this year, they’re alive and kicking. I opened the top cover, and found, much to my surprise, that they were flowing out of the inner cover hole. A quick peek under the inner cover revealed a mass of bees on the fondant, all clinging to each other. I wasn’t wearing even wearing a veil, so I quickly put the inner cover down without even taking a photo of inside. The photo on the left is the outside of the inner cover. I’d say there were at least 1,000 bees inside the inner cover.

I’m sure they are up there for warmth, and taking advantage of the fondant I’ve left them as they had very little going into the winter. Perhaps building up for spring too? Possibly.

Healthy bees in February – wahoo!

33F, minimal winds today, and another snow storm is on its way. They’ve already survived 70 mph winds and 20″ of snow last week. These ladies are tough. You go girl(s)!

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