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Getting sloppy with protective clothing

Posted by on June 14, 2012

I’ve only had the bees for 24hrs, and I’m already getting sloppy. Thankfully this is with my clothing, and not with the bees themselves.

I went to check on the bees a few minutes ago, and donned my shoes (no socks or rubber bands around my ankles), and pulled over a jacket and veil. Once at the hive, I quickly inspected the feeding jar and returned to the garage where I pulled off my jacket and veil, and went into the house.

As I sat at my laptop, checking for email, I heard a fly buzzing around. A rather loud, persistent fly. While I couldn’t see it as a looked around, this was a really loud fly, and was surprised I couldn’t see it – it had to be huge.

And then it struck me. I had a bee in my pants.

You never know how fast you can get naked until you have a bee in your pants. With unprecedented athlete grace, I pulled off my shirt and pants simultaneously and flung them out the back door, all the time hearing the buzzing getting louder. She was pissed, and I couldn’t blame her. She was trapped in a blue-jean prison, and wanted to make a break for it.

As I stood in my living room, looking a my crumpled pants on the deck, I just had to laugh. My 24hrs as a beekeeper, and I had already let a bee into my pants. I had escaped what would have been a nasty bee sting, but it taught me a lesson.

The few seconds you save by not securing your pants are not worth standing naked in your living room.

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