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My bees are almost ready

Posted by on June 7, 2012

On Wednesday, June 13, 2012, I will drive outside of Boston, pick up 10,000 bees, put them in the back of my SUV, and drive almost 2 hours down into Cape Cod.

Ten thousand stinging insects and me… In a car… Stuck in traffic at the Sagamore bridge. What could go wrong?

With any luck, they will be set up at One Standish by noon, and starting to forage for local nectar that afternoon. At least that’s the plan. But as any beekeeper will tell you, when dealing with bees, prepare to be surprised.

The bees are from an apiary in Jamacia Plain (outside of Boston) and are coming from an over-wintered colony with a mutt queen – just as I had hoped for. I’m very worried about CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder), and want to make every effort to make sure I am helping to breed strong, healthy bees that can survive in New England.

As many other before me, I will use the blog to chronicle the trials and tribulations of being new backyard beekeeper. Wish me, and the little ladies, luck with the New England weather.

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