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More syrup added

Posted by on July 16, 2012

If they don’t like my water, they certainly like my syrup. Or perhaps I should say they are fickle about it. Some days they don’t touch it, and other days they can drink half a quart of 1:1 in a day. I’m not sure what causes them to binge on it, but we are so low on sugar in the house that I may not have enough for coffee in the morning. Now that’s something to panic about.

[Update] July 17, 2012: Half a quart of syrup gone in 24 hours. Now it was very hot today, and there was a strong breeze. I wonder if they mostly stayed inside the hive and thus used the syrup instead of foraging?

2 Responses to More syrup added

  1. Tim Kelly

    Hey Dave…Tim Kelly here…I will follow your bee post…super cool…cranberry syrup?? Cranberry extract is available to add to the syrup….would bee an interesting honey flavor experiment…

  2. Dave Strickler

    Hey Tim! That’s something I’ll have to try once I get things established, Technically if you feed them 100% syrup you get lousy honey, but I wonder what flavoring their syrup, which is only a supplement when they can’t find normal food, would produce? This is why real beekeepers normally have a tens of hives – experimentation!

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