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Wax on…

Posted by on July 27, 2012

I opened up the hive for a very quick, non-invasive look today, and was delighted with what I found. While there were no signs of new comb in the medium box with no foundation (it’s too soon), the three frames of wax-foundation in the original bottom brood box had cross-connected and regular comb on it in random places. I only was able to lift out the wax-foundation frames about an inch as the cross-connected comb was ripping when I started to lift. I carefully lowered and replaced the frames, squirting a few mists of 1:1 syrup on top of the wax-foundation frames, hoping the mists would carry some of the sugar down the frames I couldn’t full pull out.

What this means to me is simple:

  1. For some reason the bees got the signal and decided the start building on the wax-foundation, horizontally expanding their overcrowded brood box.
  2. They are expanding, so they are not likely to swarm.
  3. They are doing expanding their habit so they can store up provisions for the winter.

I am so happy, I did a bee dance. If I didn’t look silly enough in a full, white suit in my front yard, doing a little dance made me look like a bad John Travolta impersonator. Thank goodness I have tolerant neighbors.

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