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Mixing up some unheated candy

Posted by on September 21, 2012

I’m certainly not a cook, and I barely dabble in baking, but today I made the ladies a pie. Not your traditional human pie of course, but a mixture of:

* 9 pounds of sugar (a 4 lb and a 5 lb bag)
* 2 cups of water
* 1 cup of MegaBee protein supplement

It’s a dentists dream.

Just mush it around in a big pot made for making ¬†spaghetti, ¬†using a big spoon. This is going to take some arm strength, as the mixture is going to come out like a mud pie because there isn’t much moisture in it.

Once it’s all mixed together, and has a reasonably uniform color, put it into a shallow pan and let it harden overnight. I used the pie tray from last night’s chicken pot pie dinner as it was the perfect height, and had a little whimsy to it.

Now I call this “unheated candy” as there are lots of recipes on the ‘net for candy that you need to heat to 243F. I’ve tried this, and while the ladies like it, it’s a mess. You really are making a type of candy that a human would eat, and you could horribly burn yourself making it. If you’re not really, really comfortable with making human candy, I’d stay away. As an alternative, I found this method which doesn’t involve heat at all – even a child can help with it. The question is – will the ladies like it? I’ll know more tomorrow after I put it in the hive, hopefully in the morning.

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