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Sitting in their food

Posted by on September 26, 2012

When I was 14, I entered into a pizza eating contest. The local pizza join promised a hundred dollars and a free pizza if you could eat one of theirs in one sitting. Being a Sicilian pizza, it took up the entire top of the tiny table I was sitting at. At one point, with only half the pizza eaten, and the prospect of more money than I could imagine fading fast, I leaned over and put my entire arm in the pizza, having no other place to put it on the table and deciding this would help me eat faster. At 14, I had never eaten so much pizza, and I was both in heaven and feeling a little ill.

Today, after finding checking my “unheated candy”, my bees reminded me of myself at 14. They sat… no stood, on the candy, eating as fast as they could. With gouged bellies, and happy thoughts of having discovered the┬áMother Load, they ate like a food critic after a fad diet.

Truth be told, I was glad they liked it. The pie I made them was a bit of a crap shoot. I only guessed at the formula, after finding almost as many different recipes for bee candy as there are opinions on beekeeping. But it worked. Oh boy did it work.

I wont be able to check on them for two more weeks, but I’m fascinated to see how much of it they’ve eaten by then.

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