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Sandy Sandy

Posted by on October 28, 2012

So the first New England hurricane that my hive has to survive is named “Sandy”, and that’s also the name of the hive itself.  Oh the irony… Hopefully, though some cosmic connection, they will decide not to fight this one out.

With 24 hours until the storm is expected to hit, I drove down to the Cape today to secure my house and my hive. Which to save first is somewhat of a debate. Since I spent last summer (OK, Spring and the Fall too) obsessing over the health of the hive, I have to admit I’m more worried about the hive surviving the pending onslaught.

Hurricane Sandy, is going to be big, and I want to make sure the ladies are all OK in there. So I checked the straps looped through the cinder blocks, and tried to tip the hive over myself. Finding it hard to tip, at least side to side, I made sure they got a fresh batch of candy up top. If they have to ride through a hurricane, at least there will be plenty to eat. Let’s hope it’s not their last meal.

Even though I’m worried about the hurricane, the bees didn’t seem to think much of it, and were flying in winds gusting to 31 mph today. Crazy buggers…

[UPDATE October 29, 2012 5:34 PM] The hive is still upright. Even after 68 mph wind gusts. It might make it though!


2 Responses to Sandy Sandy

  1. cfaust

    When does the “beecam” get installed like the beachcam, to capture all the Frankenstorm shenanigans

    • Dave Strickler

      I’ve already looked into running a camera out there. Would have been easy during the construction, but now it’s rather expensive. I may try an do it myself next summer. If I can dig a drench and lay the pipe, I may be able to pull it off via PoE. Otherwise I’m going to need some massive shielding – probably two pipes. Wish I knew I was going to keep bees back when the yard was ripped up. There is already cable TV lines in a pipe running right past it!

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