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And then there were two

Posted by on June 7, 2013

2nd Hive 1st DayToday I installed my second hive, and put it both hives on my new stand (more about that in another post). On the left is the new hive named Sunny which came as a three frame nuc, and has a syrup feeder hidden under the top two medium supers.┬áMy original hive, named Sandy is on the right, clearly taller as it is a thriving colony. As long as I was going to change things around on the ladies, I thought I’d go the extra step of converting Sandy to a top entrance as well. I’ll do the same for Sunny when I get more time in the wood shop (a.k.a the corner of my garage) and can build another ventilated super.

More on this new hive over the coming weeks.

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